Natural Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps

Himalayan Salt Lamp Crystal

Himalayan Salt lamps are not only naturally beautiful, but also emit negative ions when lit - much like water - to dispel congestion in your home.

When lit the salt crystal lamp heats up to attract moisture from the air. Scientific tests show that the composition of negative ions in the air increases when a salt lamp heats up. This increase subsequently helps to eliminate positive ions and air pollution from various sources, which may also help with asthma, allergy and migraine sufferers.

Negative ions are electronically charged molecules of oxygen and are also produced by water, which is why it is said many people feel attracted the beach or river. It is believed they have a cleansing effect on the environment which helps to create a clearer and more relaxing atmosphere. 

The warm glow of a Himalayan salt lamp creates a soft and comforting atmosphere in your home - bringing a real bit of mineral nature inside...

Since each salt lamp is hand carved from a large chunk of salt crystal - no two lamps are the same. This gives each lamp a real personal quality.

A real unusual and beautiful gift for a friend or loved one - suitable for men and women.

Velvet Dahlia are now selling Himalayan salt lamps (with bulbs and European / UK plugs) and USB lamps at very reasonable prices on stalls in Devon - check out fair dates on the home page!

Himalayan Salt Lamp
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