Other Devon Craftsters...

Luxurious handmade pieces by local craftser The Owl & The Pussycat. NEW collection included fabric work including felt, and upcycling to create unique new pieces for the home.

Signature glass bead work jewelry is enough to bring sparkle and charm to any Christmas outfit

Careful decoupage work incorporates lively colours with detailed designs and sparkles to add colour and character to your home. Items include coasters, picture frames, mirrors, jewelry boxes and stationary items to name just a few. You can look at some examples currently for sale at craft fairs (with Velvet Dahlia) via the photos on this page (please see home page for fair dates).

Collection from the winter 2012 collection, including intricate glass bead work, decoupage gifts and more.... please contact Velvet Dahlia for enquiries into how to purchase any of these items, or for comissions.
Decopage Gift & Home Collection, Kate's Handmade Crafts 2012
Decoupage Jewelry & Trinket Boxes by Kate's Crafts
Decoupage Collection of Homewares and Gifts

 Summer Collection 2012:

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